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Check out this amazing flying short film by Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer.

Detail of I.M Pei’s glass pyramid at the Louvre.


Shanghai Cityscapes By Jakob Wagner

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Today we’re dreaming of…

delicate beauty

Karen Nuernberg for GQ Italia, November 2012 - by Renam Christofoletti

Ewan Yap explores how “less is more” within big consumer brands. A series of experimental packaging design based on the principle of ‘Big Brand Theory

Robert Duchesnay
Walking on the top-level platform

Buckminster Fuller’s iconic geodesic dome of the Expo 67 pavilion on Montreal’s Île Sainte-Hélène.

Definitely Dope. #architecture

Gracie Carvalho in “Surfista do Asfalto” for Vogue Brazil January 2013 photographed by Philippe Kliot

Light installations represented by Balestra Berlin

Optical Glass House Hiroshi Nakamura